Philippines taps drugstores to expand COVID-19 vaccination

The Philippines will begin tapping drugstores as vaccination sites as coronavirus infections have hovered at record highs.

Vince Dizon, the presidential adviser for COVID-19 response, said infections among vaccination staff prompted authorities to seek help from pharmacies including Mercury Drug, Watson’s, Rose Pharmacy, South Star Drug, and Generica. Clinics like Qualimed and Healthway are also included in the list of tapped locations.

Dizon said that the establishments have already responded regarding the matter.

The project is set to launch in 7 pharmacies in Metro Manila first. After a weeklong pilot run, the program dubbed “Resbakuna sa mga Botika” is expected to expand to other drugstores across the country.

Dizon said the project would greatly assist the local government units and the Department of Health because of the additional number of people it would be able to vaccinate.

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