Pinoys’ photoshoot-style ‘proofs of delivery’ reach international Reddit, 9gag

Funny photos of online shoppers who pose for their “proofs of parcel” became part of the meme world in international internet communities.

Filipinos developed the habit to shop online due to the continuous lockdowns and quarantine phases in the country.

As an added safety measure, some couriers and merchants require photos of the parcel or the recipients as proof that packages were delivered.

While others take ID-style photos, some Filipinos got creative and used the new rule as an opportunity for magazine- and Instagram-style photoshoots.

A collection of these photos, gathered from public Facebook accounts, were later posted by a Facebook page called Our Asians, an online community that posts about Asian culture, on March 21.

The post got picked up by 9gag, a Hong Kong-based platform where users around the world shared memes, stories and edited videos. 9gag users found the Philippine trend hilarious.

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