Slytherin Slithers in to London’s Warner Bros. Studio Tour

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London has historically given lots of love to Gryffindor. But now it’s finally putting the house’s cunning, dark magic–loving counterpart front and center.

Beginning April 3 until September 6, the Slytherin common room will be recreated for tour guests for the first time ever. The 25-foot high set dressed with authentic props and decor, like the fireplace and sofas that served as the site of Harry and Ron’s Polyjuice potion escapade in the Chamber of Secrets, the gloomy, mysterious room will be revealed in all its green and silver glory. 

In the Great Hall, Slytherin’s banners will be strewn from the ceiling to announce a victory in the House Cup, while Gryffindor’s banners hang over the teacher’s table as a nod to their last-minute win at the end of the first film. The original costumes of powerful Slytherin witches and wizards will also be on display, from the Malfoy family to Lord Voldemort.

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