Overwhelmed hospitals: Tragic stories of people who died of COVID-19 in the cold as told by relatives

Tragic tales of COVID-19-infected patients who died outside hospital care present the grim impact of the worsening pandemic in the country.

On Twitter on March 28, Angelo Barrera shared his family’s struggles in finding a hospital to treat their father who contracted the virus and later succumbed to the disease.

His father was infected on March 16. They managed to get a doctor to monitor him via text and isolate him until March 27 when he experienced difficulty breathing.

They initially called for an ambulance, but they were asked for an upfront payment of 16,000 pesos. So they “opted for a volunteer vehicle from a close friend.”

Barrera then recounted their struggles of finding a hospital to admit him into the emergency room, but “every single one was full.”

On March 28, his father passed away outside the emergency room of South Superhighway Medical Center in Parañaque City.

Sadly, the situation is not unique to this family.

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