‘Ang Huling Plastic’ documentary tackles impact of plastic crisis to communities

An environmental group launched a documentary to raise awareness on the impact of single-use plastics to communities, particularly the urban poor.

Titled “Ang Huling Plastic,” Greenpeace Philippines collaborated with RA Rivera and GMA comedians Maey Bautista and Betong Sumaya to produce the documentary.

The film was divided into five chapters where viewers are presented with an in-depth look at the consequences of plastic pollution in different areas in Metro Manila over the years. The documentary also included conversations on possible solutions for the environmental crisis.

It also discussed how the novel coronavirus pandemic contributed to the problem, citing the improper disposal of face masks, shields and even delivery packaging.

Greenpeace Campaigner Marian Ledesma said that the documentary offers the perspectives of common Filipinos who are directly affected by the impact of plastic pollution.

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