Phone call anxiety: How to get over it

One of the most effective ways to overcome phone anxiety is to expose yourself to more phone calls. The more you do it, the less overwhelming it becomes.

Your phone anxiety may also be linked to a lack of experience. The more you practice, the less anxious and more confident you’ll feel.

You can start by making a list of the people you need to speak to on the phone, such as friends or colleagues, and go through each one by reflecting on what it is about the call that makes you anxious. For example, it might be making a mistake or feeling judged. When the call is over, acknowledging your success will help you stay motivated for the next call.

If you’ve tried to combat your phone, counseling is a great option and there are a number of talking therapies available, which are a very effective treatment for social anxiety. There’s also an online option that might be a suitable alternative if you feel nervous about speaking to someone in person.

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