Venice waterbus turned into floating vaccination center

Venice’s vaporettos or water buses are normally full of tourists but now they’re playing a crucial role in Italy’s fight against COVID-19.

They are being used as floating vaccination centers to reach elderly people living on islets, who would otherwise struggle to reach healthcare facilities inland.

Edgardo Contato, the director of Venice’s Local Health Authority, the effort aims to “vaccinate people who have mobility issues.”

He added, “In order to offer this service, the Veneto region equipped a vaporetto that will give these people the possibility to receive the vaccine and therefore to be able to hope for the future.”

On April 5, around 100 elderly people living on the small island of Sant’Erasmo were expected to be vaccinated as Italy continues its fight against COVID-19.

Over the Easter weekend, the country entered a three-day national lockdown after recording 20,000 new cases per day, while the death toll has now surpassed 110,000.

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