Travel now driven by desire to reconnect after long lockdown, study shows

Most people are now desiring to travel to make connections or create an impact — and no longer just to have nice Instagram feeds. That is what digital travel platform recently revealed in its commissioned global survey, What Matters 2021.

The survey showed that Filipinos are looking forward to spending more quality time with loved ones this year (at 27%). This was followed by doing things that matter or make a difference (at 23%) and and being able to travel unhindered (at 22%).

Forty-two percent said that they are likely to commit to a trip with friends and family when traveling in 2021, showing their desire to travel to reunite with loved ones separated by lockdowns.

While being eco-friendly has been popular for quite some time, the survey revealed Filipinos put more emphasis on taking care of Mother Nature. Twenty three percent of respondents said they will make more eco-friendly travel choices this year.

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