Vaccine inequity ‘catastrophic moral failure’: WHO

Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the World Health Organization Health Emergencies Program, said the “inequitable” vaccine distribution was a “catastrophic moral failure” and a “failed opportunity.”

Speaking at a virtual press conference from Geneva about the recent rise of novel coronavirus disease cases in Europe — up by “12 percent” in the last week — Ryan stressed that there was no “golden solution” to end the pandemic.

He said that many countries have the strategy to “get enough vaccine” and “push enough vaccine to people,” assuming that the Covid-19 pandemic would be shaken off with vaccine rollouts.

He added, “I’m sorry, it’s not (the case). There aren’t enough vaccines in the world, and they’re distributed terribly iniquitously. In fact, we’ve missed a huge opportunity to bring vaccines on board as a comprehensive measure. It’s not only a catastrophic moral failure, but it’s (also) an epidemiologic failure.”

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