COVID-19 test privilege

Some social media users questioned Health Secretary Francisco Duque’s admission of taking 56 COVID-19 swab tests despite the lack of supply for other frontliners and vulnerable Filipinos.

One user wrote, “Nakakahiya naman po sa SOH. We do our best to be prudent and frugal whenever we avail of swab testing because our patients and other colleagues need it more than us.”

Another user wrote, “Ang suwerte mo naman na lagi kang nate-test. E yung naka-duty nga sa mismong COVID ward e ilang beses lang naii-swab. Mahiya naman sana kayo nina Roque. Kayo kaya magduty sa COVID ward. Try niyo, tutal e lagi kayo naii-swab test.”

Some recalled presidential spokesperson Harry Roque who bared taking at least 35 swab tests following his announcement he contracted COVID-19 on March 15.

Taking RT-PCR tests became part of his “routine” before meeting with President Duterte weekly during the pandemic, according to the spokesperson.

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