Depressed or bored? How COVID-boredom intensifies the fear of missing out

Coronavirus restrictions, necessary as they may be, mean most of us are living in a limited environment with limited activities to occupy ourselves, to satisfy our need for meaningful experiences.

The repeated denial of even the possibility of such experiences results in profound moments of boredom directly related to the pandemic or COVID-boredom.

After a year of restrictions, many of the social and cultural distractions meant to occupy and entertain us are proving inadequate. A number of people have confessed they have been unable to fully binge TV programs because it felt pointless.

Being bored does not appear to stop people from engaging in apparently pointless activities, but instead pushes us to take on more and more.

The pandemic has put so much of life on hold, from work and education to medical procedures and travel. Decisions are being postponed, plans put off as we wait for the moment we can un-pause our lives.

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