Twitter helps artist cope amid lockdown

Art student and visual painter Louis Espinosa shared how Twitter has helped him cope amid the lockdown that has mentally and emotionally affected people.

He shared, “The art community on Twitter has been helping me heal and regain my fuel for passion, especially during the five-month longest burnout I went through last year. Not only with the community, but my art (mutual) helped me get up on my feet and to start my engines as well.”

Espinosa believes that art is not just a therapy but also an expression of emotions. It also serves as a method for him to spread awareness on certain issues.

The visual painter said that he visits the microblogging platform to dive into different messages and forms of art, as well as to learn from his fellow artists.

He added, “I remain inspired not by just browsing art [and] supporting my art moots by retweeting and liking their artworks but also, [by] being able to sell my recent paintings at gallery shows as well.”

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