Get reading again: By installment

The 19th-century novel developed by the likes of Charles Dickens – of “Oliver Twist,” “A Christmas Carol” and “Great Expectations” fame – which appear so dauntingly thick in their book form, were first read in magazine installments featuring a chapter or two at a time. Brevity was a significant part of their original appeal.

In order to get reading again, begin positively by noticing how much you are already reading in your life without even thinking about it. Even if you have not opened a book in over a year, remember that we are in an age of hyper-literacy and our days are saturated with words. You can harness this.

You probably flex your reading muscles all day long without giving yourself credit for it. Recognizing that is a step towards choosing different content, if that’s what you want, or simply considering how you engage with the texts you already read (even if they’re often 280 characters or less on Twitter).

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