Suspect arrested in brutal New York assault of Fil-Am woman

New York police charged a suspect in a brutal, videotaped assault of a 65-year-old Filipino-American woman that sparked outrage amid a surge of anti-Asian violence in the U.S.

Police identified the man as Brandon Elliot, 38, who was released from prison in 2019 on lifetime parole for stabbing his mother to death in front of his five-year-old sister in 2002.

NYPD officers arrested Elliot at a hotel near the scene of the crime that is housing homeless people during the pandemic. He was charged with felony assault as a hate crime.

The attack on a sidewalk in broad daylight in midtown Manhattan was caught on CCTV and showed bystanders seemingly looking on without intervening.

In the video, the suspect can be seen walking up to the woman and kicking her in the stomach, knocking her to the ground.

He then kicks her several times in the head before walking away. He “made anti-Asian statements” towards the victim, police said.

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