AstraZeneca vaccine supply issues

The AstraZeneca shot was among the first and cheapest of the COVID-19 vaccines developed and launched at volume and is set to be the mainstay of vaccination programs in much of the developing world.

But India, which has the highest infections after the U.S. and Brazil, is delaying supplies of the AstraZeneca vaccine to several countries, as it faces a second surge in cases, said a source with direct knowledge of the matter.

The Serum Institute of India, which produces the AstraZeneca vaccine, has told Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Morocco that further supplies will be delayed due to surging demand at home, the person said.

Australia, which has inoculated just one percent of its population so far, is also accelerating vaccination after the country’s pharmaceutical regulator approved the local manufacturing of the AstraZeneca vaccine by CSL.

Within 12 weeks, CSL is expected to produce one million doses of the vaccine each week.

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