WHO warns against fake COVID-19 vaccines sold on dark web

The World Health Organization warned against criminal groups trying to exploit disruption in the vaccine supply chain by selling unregulated, counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines that could potentially “cause serious harm.”

While countries and organizations such as COVAX, the global initiative aimed at equitable access to coronavirus jabs, struggle to reach their vaccination goals due to insufficient supplies, frustration shouldn’t lead governments and the public to trust buying uncertified vaccines off the internet, the WHO Director-General said.

The WHO noted that 117 countries across the world have already started vaccinating their populations, with COVAX distributing 32 million vaccine doses to 61 of these countries in just one month.

But vaccine shortages and supply disruptions have left COVAX unable to deliver millions of vaccine doses that should have started vaccination programs in 20 countries “who need them desperately.”

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