Why old shows are returning to TV

There have been remakes and reboots “for almost as long as there has been TV,” according to Tim Glanfield, editorial director of RadioTimes.com, and with good cause.

He said, “The reason is simple – great television is about creating characters that resonate with audiences and creating universes that viewers want to spend time within.”

When a much-loved television show ends, it is often “hugely missed. The characters are missed, the world it occupied is mourned for, a little gap is left in people’s lives, and audiences often ask, ‘why couldn’t they have made more?’

He explained, “And what better way to get people talking about your new streaming service than by leaning into screen nostalgia and announcing you’re bringing back a beloved TV show or spinning off a much-loved franchise for the small screen – be that the Mandalorian on Disney+, Sex and the City on HBO Max or Frasier on Paramount+.”

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