Ivermectin is not approved by the US FDA and NIH for the treatment of COVID-19

Both the US Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health have not issued any recommendations to use Ivermectin to handle COVID-19 cases and lessen the COVID-19 risk.

The US FDA pointed out that Ivermectin for humans is only for getting rid of parasites in the body, not viruses.

The organization said, “Ivermectin tablets are approved at very specific doses for some parasitic worms, and there are topical (on the skin) formulations for head lice and skin conditions like rosacea. Ivermectin is not an anti-viral (or a drug for treating viruses).”

The NIH similarly highlighted that studies to recommend it are not enough.

It said, “There are insufficient data for the COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel to recommend either for or against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19.”

Moreover, the World Health Organization did not issue any guidelines or statement on using Ivermectin specifically for coronavirus infections.

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