Travel: No longer just for Instagram

Backpacking, solo travels and detailed bucket lists have been most travelers’ must-do’s in the past. Famous sites were often visited for the purpose of getting a great shot for the gram. The pandemic, however, drastically changed all that.

In less than a year, no thanks to the coronavirus disease and resulting community lockdowns, people have suddenly shifted their travel goals for 2021. Spending quality time with loved ones and making a difference are now their key goals.

Social media has tell-tale signs of all these. Whatever platform one spends the most time in, it is common now to see posts, pictures and memes where people express their desire to be with family and friends once it is safe for them to reunite or go out to eat or bond.

Twitter’s #Travel2021 yields posts of photos people would want to see once restrictions are lifted. As they say, nothing beats being with loved ones especially during stressful times.

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