Making sense of ‘face mask at home’ advice

The call for Filipinos to wear face masks at home to help prevent the spike of the COVID-19 cases prompted social media to weigh its merits and perceived drawbacks.

The health department said minimum health protocols should be followed in households, especially those with family members vulnerable to the virus such as the elderly and those with comorbidities.

Dr. Althea de Guzman, DOH’s epidemiology bureau chief, said, “Kinakailangan talaga kahit sa bahay, lalo na ‘pag may kasama tayong matanda o may ibang sakit tulad ng hypertension o diabetes.”

Jonathan Malaya, undersecretary of the Interior and Local Government, reiterated the stance and said if one is not sure of being infected, he should just wear a face mask at home.

This advice was suggested after a group of doctors noted that there is “family clustering” of COVID-19 cases wherein people who are living together or in one household are contracting the virus.

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