Is there no place for old developers?

In 2019, 37-year-old Bi Wei witnessed the collapse of his internet company n China. He was out of a job. Every day, he repeated the same daily routine: scanning job-hunting websites, sending out CVs and calling friends and old colleagues for job referrals. But he kept getting the same response: He is too old for the tech industry.

There is an unwritten rule for workers in the tech industry – companies need employees who are willing to dedicate themselves fully to them, and that often means people under the age of 35. The industry is known for being hostile to older workers with its long hours and intense work schedule.

According to a report published by China’s Maimai Data Research Institute, the average age of employees at the top 19 internet companies in China is between 27 to 33. The average age at ByteDance and Pinduoduo, the two fastest-growing internet companies in China, is the lowest of all of them – a mere 27.

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