The dog did my homework: ‘Muttbot’ answers simple queries, solves math equations

Meet Muttbot, the “very goodboi” who knows tricks to help his owners.

He cannot sit or roll over, but this dog knows how to search for mathematical concepts, compute expressions and review by playing a simple math mini-game.

The team that developed Muttbot met through a data science bootcamp called “Eskwelabs,” where they worked and studied through the three-month program.

They shared, “A fun fact about the team is that we actually never met in person since all of our classes were done online. Hopefully, we get a chance to convene once things normalize.”

The initial idea was to help students with limited internet connection by creating and deploying chatbots that covered topics like mathematics, science, geography and history. The group showed great interest in working on this socially-relevant project.

Thus, Muttbot: the Math Chatbot, also known as Matt the Mutt, was born. He is waiting for you on Telegram (@muttchatbot).

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