Recycling gone digital: New local app helps Filipinos manage waste amid pandemic

A new waste management application was launched to help Filipinos collect and recycle their garbage.

Called Trash Panda, the application is an “on-demand recoverable waste collection and coaching” service which helps Filipinos find facilities where they can send their unwanted trash for recycling and processing.

It was developed by Circula Recoon, a startup company that advocates for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

On its Google Playstore page, Trash Panda lists its services as making a positive impact on the environment, cashback from recycling facilities, and learning to overcome waste management challenges.

It is only available to Android users, but the company is working on it to be available to iPhone users and other platforms. Being new to the market, it is only currently available in most cities in the National Capital Region.

Trash Panda also pointed out that the items to be collected should be sorted out well and are clean.

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