Asian Cities Urged to Bolster Defence Against Rising Seas

Major Asian cities – including Tokyo and Jakarta – are most at risk from rising sea levels, researchers warned, urging authorities to invest more in flood defenses and plan to relocate assets and people.

A study by UK-based risk consultancy Verisk Maplecroft analysed 500 cities worldwide with more than one million residents and identified places likely to experience sea-level rise of 26 to 79 inches by 2100, in line with scientific estimates if global warming increases at its current pace.

The study found 11 of the 15 highest-risk cities are in Asia, with Dubai, Alexandria and New York also included.

Many of Asia’s rapidly expanding cities are coastal and low-lying, making them vulnerable to rising sea levels and extreme weather such as flooding and cyclones.

This week, torrential rains flooded Jakarta for the second time in 2020, while Bangkok last month trucked in drinking water after the encroaching ocean increased salinity.

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