Six lions found dead in Uganda in suspected poisoning

Six lions were found dead and mutilated in Uganda’s best-known national park, a conservation official said on March 21, with wildlife traffickers suspected of having poisoned the big cats.

The lion carcasses were found in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in the country’s west with most of their body parts missing and surrounded by dead vultures, suggesting poison was at play.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority said it was “saddened” by the death of these particular lions, known for their unusual ability to climb trees in the famous reserve.

The park shares a border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and its famous Virunga National Park, a habitat for rare mountain gorillas, where armed groups are believed to operate.

Lions have been killed in a number of previous suspected poisoning incidents at the park. In April 2018, eleven lions were found dead of suspected poisoning. In May 2010, five lions were killed in a similar incident.

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