‘Float’: A father’s journey on depression, yearning for respect

Finding out your child has a “difference” that would need special care could be very difficult. One father, after battling with depression, used his talents to tell the world his story.

Filipino-American artist Bobby Rubio had his directorial debut for Pixar SparkShort’s “Float”.

It shows a father whose child has the ability to float or levitate. At first, the father tried to hide his son from the public’s eye, afraid of what they might think of his unusual ability. Eventually, the father didn’t mind what others might say and let his son enjoy and play.

“Float” is the first Pixar film to feature Filipinos as lead characters. The short film already has over 25 million views since it was uploaded on YouTube on February 27. The movie debuted on Disney Plus in 2019.

The film was inspired by Rubio’s story, as his son, Alex, was diagnosed with autism. Rubio urges parents with kids who do not have autism to “treat all children with the same dignity and respect.”

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