Drenched in purple, South Korean islands draw tourists

Residents of the Banwol and Bakji Islands in South Korea, known as the ‘Purple Islands’, have painted their houses, roads and bridges in shades of the hue, and planted purple flowers such as lavender and asters to transform their town into a tourist attraction.

The tiny, tranquil islands have a little over a hundred residents and were picked for a tourism project supported by the government. Since 2015, Shinan county has invested 4.2 million dollars to turn the islands purple, including painting more than 28,000 square meters of roofs lilac.

The campaign has drawn over 487,000 people since its official start in 2019, according to the county office.

Restaurants on the islands offer purple rice and serve food on purple plates. Some residents have taken to the purple project with gusto.

Benches are decorated with the ‘I purple you’ slogan made popular by K-pop band BTS’ member V, which means ‘I trust, love and support you.’

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