#LearnOnTikTok: How Filipinos can use short-form video app as educational tool

One of the leading destinations for short-form mobile videos highlighted the hashtag “#LearnOnTikTok” in which users can immerse themselves in informative and insightful content to keep on learning beyond classroom walls.

Experts from varying fields make up the “#LearnOnTikTok” community, which includes teachers, scientists, chefs, beekeepers, doctors and makeup artists, among others.

Videos under this hashtag provide content that are educational, informative and useful among users of all ages.

TikTok Philippines explained, “Because the app is so easy to use, creators have found it to be a convenient place to share knowledge and skills with a wide audience. Through this platform, educators have found a way to liven up lessons, making them more engaging, brisk, and easy to digest.”

Its short-form video format enables young people—who have short attention spans—to be more open towards micro-learning.

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