Tips to get reading again if you struggled during the pandemic

You may have resolved this New Year to read more in 2021 and spend less time on your screens. You may be wondering how to find the time to do it, especially in lockdown conditions, with different constraints and anxieties pressing on us.

One solution is to go with shorter bursts of reading. The Ten-Minute Book Club is a selection of ten excerpts from free literary texts, drawn from a wide range of writing in English globally.

Based on a larger project called LitHits, each week the book club presented a 10-minute excerpt framed by an introduction from an expert in the field and suggestions for free further reading.

The top two things people responded to were the core idea of brevity and the quality and diversity of the literature. Analytics showed readers dipped in and out of the project rather than regularly following along.

One possible reason for this is that finding regular time for reading literature is not easy, especially right now.

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