Sony offers FREE photo, video tutorials for pet owners

Sony has announced “Pawgraphy,” an initiative encouraging paw parents to celebrate the love of their furry, four-legged companions through photos and video.

Filipinos spending more time at home for work or play has resulted in an increase in pet ownership. A new wave of pet owners is sharing photos and videos of themselves with their pet on social media.

This allows them to remember wonderful moments and share them with family, friends and other pet lovers. Some pets even have their own Facebook and Instagram accounts to update their fans on their daily lives.

Sony will provide platforms for pet owners to master the art of shooting photos and videos of themselves with their fluffy companions. Pet owners can also enhance their social media content to make them stand out, using Sony’s advanced camera offerings.

Pet lovers can visit Sony’s tailor-made Pawgraphy microsite to access a bevy of resources and tutorials.

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