Despite trade war, China remains top U.S. medical product provider

Though the United States launched a trade war against China under former president Donald Trump, the country still relied on Chinese products to fight COVID-19. Amid the pandemic, Chinese manufacturers have become stable sources of high-quality medical products.

In a factory located in Chengdu, capital of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, people are working around the clock to produce syringes and most of the products are scheduled to export to the U.S., as the country steps up vaccination campaigns to combat COVID-19.

An executive says the demand has soared in recent months.

Shi Mingyang, deputy general manager of Shifeng Medical Apparatus and Instrument Company, said, “In 2018, when we just started our business in the U.S., the sale of syringe products for the whole year was about 10 million yuan. But this year, sales in only the first quarter are expected to exceed 30 million yuan. It’s almost tenfold growth.”

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