Two cases of COVID-19 variant first seen in Philippines found in England

Health authorities in the United Kingdom reported that two cases of a new coronavirus variant first reported in the Philippines have been found in England.

Public Health England said a new variant called P.3 has been designated a variant under investigation.

PHE said, “One of the cases is linked with international travel and the other is currently under investigation. All appropriate public health interventions are being undertaken.”

Philippine health authorities confirmed the detection of P.3 in the country. The variant has the same lineage as the variant first identified in Brazil called P.1. There are 98 identified cases of P.3 in the country.

The Department of Health said current available data are insufficient to conclude whether the variant will have significant public health implications despite carrying notable mutations.

The variants first identified in the UK, South Africa and Brazil have the same mutation, associated with increased transmissibility.

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