Moderna begins vaccine trials for children under 12

Moderna began Covid-19 vaccine trials on children aged six months to 12 years. The first participants were administered doses in the study, called KidCOVE, the US pharmaceutical firm said.

Moderna’s CEO noted, “This pediatric study will help us assess the potential safety and immunogenicity of our COVID-19 vaccine candidate in this important younger age population.”

Some 18 million US adults have so far received Moderna’s vaccine. Out of 136 million doses distributed in the US, 109 million have been administered. But so far, only 38 million people, or 12 percent of the US population, have gotten two doses, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More than 30 million COVID-19 cases have been recorded in the US since the start of the pandemic, with over 550,000 deaths, according to Maryland’s Johns Hopkins University.

Global cases have topped 125 million, while 2.7 million have lost their lives.

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