From ‘Sweet Home’ to ‘Love Alarm’ Season 2: Song Kang makes Netflix return

After the successful global debut of Netflix series “Sweet Home,” Korean star Song Kang returns anew to the streaming platform Netflix for the second season of “Love Alarm.”

Song Kang is also part of the first season of “Love Alarm” playing the role of Sun-oh.

Both “Sweet Home” and “Love Alarm” are based on acclaimed webtoons of the same title.

Asked what he feels about starring in series based on webtoons, Song Kang clarified that he tries not to limit himself to taking projects just based on webtoons.

The popular Korean actor said, “As I said before, I wanted to do something that is meaningful and entertaining. And I think because series that are based on webtoons have been loved by a wide audience already maybe that is what connects me to those series.”

“Love Alarm” is set in a world where a mobile application can tell individuals if someone they like or if someone who likes them is within a 10-meter radius.

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