Warning: This pastry can be habit-forming

Move over, dream cake. It’s time for crack pies – a dense, buttery pastry that rests on an oatmeal crust and is all set to satisfy any sweet-tooth craving.

It’s not your lola’s pie made of crust and a fruity filling, nor is it the kiddie treat that comes in pocket-sized tubes. The crack pie first came out of New York, and, true to its birthplace, it comes with an urban attitude, with its name derived from the addicting nature of the sweet treat.

Manila has a version from the home kitchen of former airline pilot Gabriel Mendoza, and it is available as Crack.Ph pies. Mendoza, who always had an affinity for offering gustatory experiences in between flights, found himself grounded due to COVID-19.

After watching a food documentary at home, Gabriel set out to make his version of the pastry, and it took several attempts before he was satisfied with his product. The resulting pastry is his version of the rich, gooey concoction that sparks joy with every bite.

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