EU: Apps Help Lure Climate-conscious Consumers

Mobile phone apps that point shoppers to discounted groceries. Codes on chicken and cheese that display their origin.  Water dispensers and degradable packaging designed to slash plastic use.

These are some of the measures European supermarkets are taking to attract customers increasingly concerned about the environmental cost of farming, food waste and everyday products.

Spanish supermarket chain Mercadona is teaming up with an incubator to fund startups to help it eliminate plastics, reduce waste and save energy as retailers no longer compete only on price, quality and convenience.

Sainsbury’s in the UK pledged to cut its greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2040, a decade ahead of the British government’s own target.

Tech giant IBM conducted an online survey of consumers which showed a majority would be willing to pay more and shop at places supporting a greener food system. So vote with your wallet and show mother Earth you care.

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