Xi Jinping revisits Fuzhou, where he says spent his ‘best time’

When revisiting Fuzhou where he said he spent his “best time,” Chinese President Xi Jinping urged local officials to stick to the path of ecological development.

Back in the 1990s, Xi spent six years in the provincial capital of southeast China’s Fujian Province where he served as secretary of the Communist Party of China’s municipal committee. During that period, he pushed multiple campaigns to help renovate or relocate those who live in poor housing.

For Xi, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the city of Fuzhou is like home. He told local residents he met in a park: “I spent the best years of my life here.”

Xi quoted a famous local saying, “wherever you go, you’ll never leave Fuzhou,” to a burst of laughter and applause.

The Chinese president envisaged building Fuzhou into an eco-friendly coastal city with beautiful landscapes when he worked there. “Now it has developed even better than what had been envisaged at that time.”

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