Filipino artist fights waste by using recycled trash in paintings

When Filipino artist Gilbert Angeles found out that his country was one of the world’s biggest contributors of plastic trash in the ocean, he felt compelled to take action.

Angeles decided the best way to show how discarded waste could be given a new life in a different medium was to incorporate materials ranging from shredded plastic to old paint and leftover construction wood in his paintings.

Since 2019, he has made over two dozen paintings with discarded and recycled materials.

The artist sources the materials from around his Manila neighborhood or through donations from contacts he has made since launching his environmental campaign.

Angeles’ artwork has since been shown in galleries, with paintings selling for around 30,000 to 150,000 pesos, depending on the size of the creative piece. Part of the proceeds goes to his environmental group, Green Artz, which encourages artists to use recycled waste in their work.

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