Filipino youth anxious about bringing the virus home

In normal times, Emelyn Rivera would travel to La Union for the New Year. But on January 1, the deadly virus forced them to stay indoors, facing a monitor as a Zoom call with their relatives kicked off what was typically a big family gathering.

With the end of first quarter fast approaching, Rivera remains part of a now wary legion of young Filipino consumers choosing to stay home, and anxious of catching the deadly disease if and when they step out.

It was a behavioral change warranted at the start of pandemic, but which the government is now having difficulty reversing when they need them to spend the most.

She said, “For me, it’s scarier to go out this time that cases are higher. There’s a higher possibility that we get exposed to a bigger crowd, and that’s alarming.”

Rivera, who lives with her parents and a cousin, added, “I still feel anxious that, unknowingly, I may have contracted the virus while doing important errands and bring it home.”

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