Novavax COVID-19 vaccine highly effective against severe COVID — company

US biotech firm Novavax’s COVID-19 vaccine was shown to be 100% protective against severe cases of the disease, including hospitalization and death, the company said following trials.

But its efficacy against the South African variant fell markedly when including mild and moderate cases, results showed.

The results were from final analyses, following interim results that were announced in late January.

In a Phase 3 trial in Britain that included 15,000 participants aged 18 to 84, including 27 percent over the age of 65, efficacy against mild, moderate and severe COVID was 96 percent against the original strain.

This fell to 90 when including people infected with the UK variant, which has been shown to be more transmissible and cause more severe disease.

In South Africa, a smaller Phase 2b trial of some 2,600 people found it was 49 percent effective, though the figure rose to 55 percent among HIV-negative volunteers.

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