Take disinfection seriously, public transport operators told

The Department of Transportation is calling on the operators and drivers of public transport vehicles to be serious and extra diligent in the disinfection of their vehicles as part of health protocols against Covid-19.

Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade said the proper disinfection of public transport vehicles is a key factor in keeping commuters safe from the coronavirus disease.

Tugade said, “We should not be hasty in the cleaning and disinfection of our vehicles. The riding public trust us that the jeepneys, the buses, and the other public transport vehicles that we operate are safe and virus-free.”

He made the appeal after a recent viral video uploaded on Facebook showed how two cleaning staffers of the MRT-3 were shown to be hastily and playfully disinfecting one of the line’s trains.

The MRT-3 management has implemented measures to prevent a repeat of the incident. The staffers involved are now facing disciplinary action.

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