Doctors warn of ‘silent pandemic’ among children

Doctors at the first Filipino Family Wellbeing Conference hosted by Unilab all agreed the family’s wellbeing is of utmost importance especially during this pandemic.

They noted how the effects of physical distancing and disruptions at school and work have affected the psychosocial needs of family members.

Dr. Francis Xavier Dimalanta, Board of Trustees of the Philippine Pedratric Society, shared how the pandemic affected people: “It cuts across all social classes because… we are in the same storm but in different boats.”

He underscored an important demographic that could be facing a more serious problem: “Eto ‘yung silent pandemic na nakikita namin for children because may iba naisasantabi ang kanilang feelings…Children are not asked to feel how they really feel.”

He added school plays an important factor in their development, but the pandemic disrupted the development of skills necessary for them to learn.

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