2,000 Illegal POGO Workers Repatriated in China Crackdown

The Chinese Embassy in Manila has confirmed that the Ministry of Public Security of China has begun a crackdown on its citizens who are suspected of “committing long-term telecommunication fraud crimes abroad.”

A copy of a notice dated January 27 from the Qixi Police Office in Yantai City, Shandong province, warned of severe sanctions on those engaged in “overseas telecommunications scams,” but “those who had taken the initiative to return to their hometowns before February 8 this year, will not be blamed.”

Those found in violation “will have their passports canceled. All bank accounts and related accounts will be frozen, and all illegally acquired property will be confiscated,” it also said.

The notice stated those who will not comply with the directive to return home by February 8 “will no longer enjoy medical financial subsidies” and their children would not be allowed to attend public schools.

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