Experts warn loosened restrictions and variants may affect virus fight

Experts in the U.S. have warned loosened restrictions and new COVID-19 variants could complicate the fight against the pandemic despite the country’s increasing vaccination rate.

Ashish Jha, dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, said, “What…states are doing to relax and get rid of the mask orders and kind of act like everything is back to normal, that is definitely coming down on the side of the variants.”

There are at least a dozen states that have eased restrictions this month as the vaccination rate in the U.S has climbed, boosting hopes for a kind of normality in America.

Texas is the largest U.S. state to lift its mask mandate. Other states to drop the masks are Michigan, Louisiana and Mississippi.

In Mississippi, the move has already started to manifest its drawbacks. According to Johns Hopkins University data, the number of new cases has spiked by 19 percent from last week with an average of 463 new infections per day.

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