A year after, Filipinos are now asked to go out; the youth don’t want to

Months after the Philippines dismantled lockdowns late last year, friends invited Emelyn Rivera to dine out. Curfews were still in effect, but establishments were open so long as health protocols were observed.

But she did not go. She wouldn’t go out now either. That was even after her friends volunteered to pick her up, a go-around to reduced public transport as well as to limit contact and avoid contracting the coronavirus.

In an interview just outside her home, she said, “I always tell them I don’t want to go because I’m still afraid to go out.”

In September, the building where Rivera’s office was based reported its first coronavirus case. The infection was not even in her office per se, but that it was close enough was valid reason to resign even amid the hard times.

Now, she earns far less selling homemade food items, but the relief knowing that you are not bringing the virus home to your parents with comorbidities is priceless.

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