Don’t Touch Blacktop Sharks Spotted in Southern Cebu

The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources’ Central Visayas office reminded the public not to touch the blacktip sharks recently spotted off Satander town in southern Cebu.

The area where the sharks were spotted is a marine sanctuary, where economic or fishing activities are not allowed. Santander is only a few minutes from Oslob, where whale sharks have become a tourist attraction.

Cebu’s provincial fisheries officer-in-charge Edgardo Delfin said the sharks came near the shore to look for food. He added the public should not be afraid of the sharks, which began appearing in February.

This particular breed of shark, Delfin said, would swim away if they sense people.

In areas like Florida in the US, however, there have been cases of unprovoked attacks of blacktip sharks on humans. They tend to encounter people as they look for food in shallower waters.

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