Plastic surgery in China: People from less-developed areas and young men enter market

Men born in the 2000s and people living in less-developed areas of China are the new drivers of the plastic surgery market in the world’s most populated country.

After returning to her rural hometown recently, Chen Shanshan discovered her cousin’s wife was looking younger.

Chen learned she got acid fillers and hydro-lifting treatment at a beauty workshop in town, where the price is more affordable than in major cities. Chen was shocked to hear the news as she used to think this kind of plastic surgery was only sought by young and rich people in urban areas.

In China’s less-developed western areas, more public hospitals are establishing plastic surgery departments to meet local demand. One hospital alone sees its plastic surgery department conduct over 40 plastic surgery operations each month.

Few experts once attended conferences in Beijing on plastic surgery, but recently, such conferences have attracted thousands of participants.

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