Porsche hopes eFuel will make its cars greener than electric vehicles

Porsche’s announcement it is investing over 28 million dollars to develop synthetic fuels in a bid to make older car models as green as electric ones was welcomed by many.

The German luxury car maker says a cleaner “eFuel” will allow its older models to stay on the road longer. It is promising news for the many classic Porsche fans who want to keep driving their beloved cars.

Motoring journalist Amanda Stretton explained some environments such as deserts, forests and locations without charging infrastructure would not be be able to make the switch to electric vehicles as quickly.

Porsche recently claimed its eFuel could cut CO2 emissions by more than 85 percent and would be a cleaner option than electric vehicles when taking into account the environmental impact of battery production.

However, Porsche also remains committed to its electric strategy, insisting 50 percent of its model range will be either electric or hybrid by 2025.

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