Pokémon at 25: Adapted for overseas markets

The Pokemon anime series was also subtly adapted for overseas markets. For instance, human characters were more central to the US version’s narrative, because it was believed that “Americans wanted someone to identify with…more than just bugs and animals.” But Pokémon always retained something quintessentially Japanese.

Today, there are almost 900 Pokemon characters, though many are, arguably, less memorable than their predecessors.

Later generations of Pokémon have included Chandelure, a sentient chandelier, Milcery, a cream-based Pokémon resembling a splash of milk, and, inexplicably, a floating keyring called Klefki that is “constantly collecting keys… (and) will protect them no matter what.”

Affection for the first generation endures, however. The original 151 may represent just a fraction of the Pokédex, but they account for over half of the Pokémon featured in the 2019 movie “Detective Pikachu.”

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