Clubhouse is set to take off to higher levels

Clubhouse, the social media platform based on live audio conversations is soaring in popularity. And this is only the beginning.

Something special is happening inside the Clubhouse community. Call it the power of the voice — and it’s what separates Clubhouse from other platforms.

A short back-and-forth live conversation, with its nuance and tone, can build closer relationships more quickly than dozens of written posts and text messages sent through more established social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Impressive as Clubhouse’s latest metrics are, they may actually understate its potential. All the growth thus far has come largely by word of mouth, and from only half of the smartphone market.

The app still requires an invitation from a current member to join and is exclusive to Apple devices. So when the founders decide to open Clubhouse to the public and release an Android version, growth will take off to higher levels.

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